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Default Re: True Subwoofer Signature (Sunfire) No Sound

Originally Posted by Rajesh View Post
Do you hava a red light on when you switch on ? If not then check this.

There are 2 fuse on the power board. if either onne is blown then it could be the output transistors short Q14-Q17 . 2PNP/2NPN . Replace all four even if one is short cause they are connected in parallel.

Check the FET's Q22-Q24 in the possitive rail and Q19-Q21 in the negative rail. Even if one is short replace all 6 FET's . Check for 13v supply on the power board. Check for a short diode near the capacitor area.

Check the comapator IC BA-10393 2 nos if Pin no 8 and 6 measures less than 100 ohms either side. if so replace the IC ,the 13 supply will become stable.

Good luck ! let me know if you need any more detailed help.


Hey- thanks for the detailed advice! When I plug it in, the red light is in fact on, however, both internal fuses are blown (very much so, as in molten metal stuck to the glass). Do the above suggestions still apply?
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