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Default Re: Integra On-Screen Menus (newbie)

My installation of the Integra went well. Menus work great, no problems. My only issue/challenge was with digital audio inputs. The Integra (Onkyo) 5.8 is limited by two (2) digital optical inputs [with one output]....My client had a total of three (3) sources that he wanted me to use digital optical inputs. 1) Comcast Motorola DVR Cable Box, 2) Sony DVD/SACD Player, and 3) Daewoo Region-Free DVD Player.

He doesn't use the later piece of the equipment (region-free dvd player) that much, so I just hooked that one up using traditional analog red/white/yellow cables instead.

Has anyone else come across this challenge?

Chris L.
Chris Linthicum
Annapolis, MD

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