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Default Re: True Subwoofer Signature (Sunfire) No Sound

Do you hava a red light on when you switch on ? If not then check this.

There are 2 fuse on the power board. if either onne is blown then it could be the output transistors short Q14-Q17 . 2PNP/2NPN . Replace all four even if one is short cause they are connected in parallel.

Check the FET's Q22-Q24 in the possitive rail and Q19-Q21 in the negative rail. Even if one is short replace all 6 FET's . Check for 13v supply on the power board. Check for a short diode near the capacitor area.

Check the comapator IC BA-10393 2 nos if Pin no 8 and 6 measures less than 100 ohms either side. if so replace the IC ,the 13 supply will become stable.

Good luck ! let me know if you need any more detailed help.

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