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Default NHRA Drag Racing on ESPN2 HD

I'm watching the US Nationals on ESPN2 HD & it looks great.
They have a "Super slo mo" HD camera (300 frames a second) & when they do a burn out you can read the Goodyear on the side walls of the tires & you can see each individual cylinder fire at 5000 RPM!
On the runs you can see the header flames even in daylight & during night qualifying the 12' tall header flames are sweet!
It's the little things that I notice, you can see the instant a car drops a cylinder or the slightest wiff of smoke off the rear tires.
It's very cool if your a gearhead!

If you are the least bit interested in motor sports you must go to a NHRA event, The "music" of a 8000 horsepower Nitro engine must be experienced in person, you don't so much hear the sounds as much as you feel them, literally, the ground moves!!
Take your hearing protection & go see these monsters!
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