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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

Cables in general have attracted a lot of scorn and skepticismfrom the general masses, and in some cases deservedly so. But in my experience they can make profound differences. One of the most telling demonstrations I've experienced is when a Rep from AudioQuest used a modified boom box with a CD player in it and removeable speakers. Because the receiver side nor the speakers of the boom box had connectors, they modified both the speakers and the reciever of the boom box by adding pig tails with banana jacks so that they could plug in their speaker cables. They used one track off of a Chesky CD (not a fan) as the reference and started at the entry level speaker cable, and worked up through to their top-of-the-line cables. I was amazed at the differences, especially in the lower level products. The differences, although noticeable, were much less apparent as they approached the most expensive cables. But to have those differences presented on a lowly boom box was pretty mind boggling.
System synergy takes time and patience to understand. As an example, room tuning provides the biggest boost in performance, yet it is typically the last consideration, and for a lot of good reasons (can't afford it, multi-use room, spouse...). Cables will not always perform the same on every system and it is not easy (or even possible) to understand why, but careful matching will pay dividends. It all depends on how much it matters to you. If you don't hear a difference, there is no point in going further.

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