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Default Re: LCD TV vs Plasma TV.

Originally Posted by danholt View Post
Well, here's what I mean by handling a bright room well. My TV faces a wall of windows. During the day, with the shades open, I have no problem watching most programming with little, if any, glare, not any more than I got from my Sony Wega, or even earlier tube TVs. Yes, if I want to watch a show with a lot of dark images, I'll close the blinds.

But the point is that there is no more glare on my plasma--and a stronger, richer image to counteract when there is--than was the case with my Sony Wega or tube TVs.
Yep, I'll agree that my Panny does not reflect any worse than a tube TV and in the dark there is no better picture. I just prefer my LCD in a very bright room.
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