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Default Re: This top 100 band list is BOGUS - RUSH lower than STP?

Any rock band worth their salt knows this one important rule: never go on after a japanese rock band! Those guys are just that good, they'll blow you away!
Originally Posted by Saki View Post

Though I am quite happy with the top 100 list and couldn't agree more with most of the top bands, something still must be said. Am I the only one who knows about the existence of Asian rock bands (specifically Japanese bands, commonly referred to as "Jrock" bands) that deserve to be on this list? Patricularly "X Japan". They're considered to be one of the greatest rock bands that ever existed in Japan. Their songs written in both Japanese AND English. I may be 100% American, but even I can admit that they really are amazing and deserve to be at least taken into consideration by the judges. It really is a shame; sadly, Japan seems to import more music than they export, so that would explain why most people havn't heard about some of these great rock/metal bands. I just have to stick up for what I know is great talent and music which deserves recognition.

X Japan was formed in 1982 under the name "X", but changed the name later to avoid confusion with an American punk band of the same name. They disbanded in 1997, and sadly, their lead guitarist, Hide, died in 1998... but the band actually announced a reunion July 4th, 2007. (Which, on a side note, had me literally dancing with joy when there were rumors heard of a U.S. tour being planned, which is plausible considering their drummer/band leader now lives in L.A.)

In 1993 they released a single entitled "Art of Life" which particularly blows my mind. It's widely considered to be the "Stairway to Heaven" of Japan. It's 29 minutes long, is entirely in English (for those of you who aren't open-minded enough to appreciate lyrics not in your native tounge), and is definitely one of the most amazing songs I have ever heard in my life. It was performed live only twice, but there is footage from one of those lives that I've seen. Watching and listening to it leaves me completely awe-struck.

I can go on and on... but hopefully I've already peaked someone's interest enough that I don't have to. I strongly feel "X Japan" could have ranked strongly with these "top 100 bands" in every single catagory but one...U.S. sales...heh, oh well. Though they have made plenty of international sales, for the most part, import CD and DVD costs are too expensive. Maybe after their reunion tour they can release here in the U.S under another lable...I'll remain hopeful.

For anyone interested enough to check them out, here's the wikipedia page about the band.
X Japan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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