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Default Re: Sunfire Signature Subwoofer


I'll chime in, subwoofers can be tricky, and like everything in this field, it depends on your situation....

Room size, your needs and wants, system matching, and of course $$$.

I could be happy with any of them depending on the system and my criteria for a sub. Do you want something to fill a 25'x30' room with cathedral ceilings or a 12'x18' with 9' ceilings? Budget also comes into play. Do you want a sub for two channel listening (again back to what is the rest of your system) or only for LFE from movies?

All of these subs are very good and priced well, I would also add the Paradigm's for price/performance ratio. Which is 'best' for you and your situation depends on so many variales and is not a simple answer.
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