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Default Re: Wireless HD A/V Distribution

I wouldn't recommend wireless unless it's point-to-point (like one AV rack to one TV in the same room)...the technology just isn't perfected yet. Audio channel delay lags and HDCP hiccups can occur and complicate (ie: annoy) use-ability.

Have you considered using a Cat5e (or Cat 6) based HD distribution system? Depending on your home's age and type of construction, it may be cheaper to run dual Cat5e wires to each room or TV that you're trying to opposed to investing in a wireless solution.

I'm an integrator in Maryland and can help out if you have further questions. I'm also a dealer for HDMI/Cat5 distribution products (switches and matrixes) from Octava, Inc. Other products to consider would be those offerings from Gefen, CE Labs, etc. Ethereal just released a wireless HDTV sender/receiver solution too. (but it's not meant to be a multi-TV distribution system).
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