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Default Re: How far away should I sit from my TV?

Originally Posted by avvos View Post
about 3 or 4 meters
I sit about 12 feet (less than 4 meters) from my 100" screen.

The rule of thumb for any properly designed 1080p screen, if the goal of the viewer is home-theater, is to sit about 1.5 times away from the screen as the screen is wide. From a screen 3 feet wide the sweet-spot would be somewhere about 4.5 feet away.

This distance provides the viewers with approximately 30 degrees of viewing angle of the screen... filling the same field of vision that cinema provides and the movie directors optimize their films to deliver.

One can sit closer or farther from any screen for any reason, but sitting farther than 2 screen widths would no longer represent "home theater" in the sense that experience of movie reproduction is not taking place.
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