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Unhappy J3 vrs IPod

Hello Everyone,
As a Classical musician, i have for years been frustrated about the lame categorization in ITunes of Classical-type music. I would like to have only a simple, alphabetical list of my albums, artists or composers, but ITunes miscategorizes everything! I am thinking of getting a Cowon J3 for the sound quality that everyone keeps raving about (on the IPod I can hear the compression which distorts things and for example can make a solo singer with piano far more back in the mix than she should be). However, since I have an Apple laptop, I have a few questions.

First, is there an alternative to ITunes where I can store my music? I refuse to return to PC till Bill Gates and Co stop wasting my time by making me susceptible to all those wretched virii, trojans, malware, etc.

Second, while I haven't heard or experienced the Cowon pmps yet, would there be a way to add music directly, somehow plug a cd player into it directly or does it always have to go through a computer? I am also fed up with Apple's not allowing me to add music to my pmp--all purchased cds and totally legal--from one of my computers to the other. This wasted hours and hours of my time when I changed from my pc laptop to my Apple and the device refused to allow me to retain what was already on the Pod from the pc and add new things from the Mac. Why should I have to reinstall all the cds just because Apple thinks I've done something illegal? Total bs.

Would appreciate any ideas about all of this, thanks.
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