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Default Re: Are cables the weak link in your system?

if there's one thing Monster Cable is, it's rugged. I swear to god no other cable can withstand constant plugging and unplugging (even though your gear may not) like a Monster Cable interconnect.

That being said, and I mentioned this in a privious thread, I think cables DO make a difference however it's all relative to the person and the system they're running. For every Nordost out there, there's a brand like Mapleshade or Decware that will get you 90% (or more) there for a fraction of the price. For nearly everyone that 90% will be enough which is why they and others remain in business. However, there are those out there that need to feel, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they HAVE the best there is and that's where brands like Nordost and Transparent come into play.

Although, anyone with a bit of time on their hands and a son or daughter that knows how to braid can cook up some KILLER speaker cables out of simple CAT-5 wire which is damn near free/foot.
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