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Default Re: Copy CD's to CD-R always sound better

Originally Posted by LaZ Baz View Post
As you know I am new to this Forum, and reading this particular item gives me great satisfaction to know that 3-4 years ago I burnt some CDs on CD-R and did feel they sounded "cleaner" to my ears. Now you have confirmed it. Jut one problem I had/have with these copies is that after playing for sometime on my car CD player, they begin to mistrack/stop or go funny. So i just stop and next day it seems ok. Wonder what the reason is?
The dyes that are used for the data layer of a CD-R can become unstable if left in a hot car for any length of time. So perhaps the disc is heating up - creating data errors and mistracking, but this change is only temporary - returning to normal after temperatures return to normal.

Does that coincide with your experiences?
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