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Exclamation Why I don't belive in power cables

I think Power Cables are bull**** for high end gear.

A good friend of mine makes a SOLID living selling them in Asia and he thinks I am deaf and dumb (he might be right) because I am not into aftermarket power cables.

Here's my thinking:
Take a top of the line audio company like a Mark Levinson, Krell or Bel Canto. You are telling me that their design teams - LOADED with TOP engineers - would skimp on the specs of a power cable for a power amp when the parts cost is $10 on a $10,000 plus AMP? PLEASE. There is NO WAY. I know Dan D'agostino. He is a freind and there is ZERO CHANCE that this would happen. Mark Levinson himself would NEVER EVER EVER allow this to happen - I worked for him for years at Cello. The Harman engineers would NEVER stand for this. John Stronczer at Bel Canto would JUMP at the chance to make his KILLER amps sound even better if it only cost a few dollars more.

If you think a power cable sound better - I say MORE POWER TO YOU. Maybe it really does.

I think a REAL power solution like an Audiophile APS that regenerates power and provides 30 minutes of UPS - is a WAY better idea for $2,000 than some power cable.

One place I CAN see the use of an aftermarket power cable is to reduce clutter in a rack. My Middle Atantic rack has AC power plugs by each rack space.

If I made high gear, I would have detachable power chords but I ALSO would soruce the ABSOLUTE BEST power cable I could so there was NO need to change them out. For the prices these guys charge - we deserve it
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