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Angry Re: CD, SACD & DVD-A

Originally Posted by GrtGrfx View Post
First, I don't believe there are SACD or DVD-A drives available for your PC, so that may be out the window. Second, if you want ideal transfers from LPs you don't want a compressed format, and unfortunately, only compressed formats (MP3, AAC, etc.) allow you to have data associated with your tracks. If you had a Mac you could convert files into Apple lossless (which does allow track info), but even that wouldn't matter as you cannot record directly to the Apple lossless format, because it's only available in iTunes which has no recording capability. In any event, Apple Lossless is no better than CD (16 bit/44 kHz) quality, and it seems you want better.

That leaves 96 bit/192kHz digital transfers, which are only playable on a computer (because consumer audio hardware can't read the data files) and have no track info. Your recording software choice would determine whether you can record with these settings, and software varies by price, technical capability and region of the world you live in. From what I know, this is by far the most accurate spec for recording digitally, probably better than your LP source recordings even provide.

I will mention finally that unless you have very high-end computer components, the quality of your sound conversions will be colored by your computer's noisy power circuits. This is why many people who want ultra-high quality digital audio buy outboard hardware such as Creative Labs Extigy external audio subsystems for PCs or M-Audio's MBox pro-audio preamplifiers.

I hope this gave you some ideas. Good luck!
Thank you GrtGrfx. I still hsve a long way to go. So I will outline my (1) what I like (2) what equipment I have (3) where I want to be with digital multimedia. I hope with the wealth of knowledge of the Forum members I will be guided to my destination. Note for the moderators-if this is too long and I should find another way of help, please let me know how and where.
1. I like serious listening to music on "Pure" 2 channel stereo. But I also have gone into multi-channel music via SACD and
DVD-A & Dts because I have a 5.1 Home theatre set-up (I do not wish to increase channels).
2. I have Yamaha DSP and surround speakers & sub. As the front main I have IMF transmission line monitors as I like the bass from these. My Dennon universal DVD player handles 16bit/44.1Khz, 16bit/96Khz and 24bit/196Khz and descrete 6 channels.
3. Recently I lost all my archived home videos, pictures, audio and other valuable documents as my external HD and PC HD both failed and experts unable to retrieve any data!! Now I want to rip and archive all my CDs, SACDs, DVD-As and HDCDs. From another Forum I am told SACD & DVD-A can not be ripped-it must be done in realtime-I need to understand what this means. Some members have stated that their CDs are getting "holes"- I guess degrading the audio info so I definitely want to rip these with dBpoweramp to FLAC files with full tag info (what spec DVD Rom drive will I need to capture the full resolution?). This brings me to the future. If I want to playback my archives, what PC spec will I need to get the full resolution on play? Forum members mentioned external Creative Labs Sound Blaster Extigy to handle the DAC work, and other more specific DACs. So I am at this point. I just bought two (as menbers suggested) Seagate Blackarmor WS 110. I have to make up my mind on which PC to go for.
Any advice/comments/suggestions from anyone will be received with great thanks.
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