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Default Re: CD, SACD & DVD-A

Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
Yes there is no data packet available with the WAV format. As far as I know. It would have to be included in the title and a separate database.
Thank you for affirming. I hope you can help further. I will be using a CD/DVD drive of my PC when it gets fixed ( my PC & the Maxtor External Drive have both failed and my local PC shop is unable to retiieve any data!!-I am taking the Forum advice to have two this time ), do I need a cd drive that can read High res CDs such as SACD, DVD-A and HDCD? When these files are archieved, should I wish to play back, will I have all the audio information intact? It is opening up a can of worms for me as I know little about the software side of things.
I hope menbers can give me more advice.
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