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Lightbulb Re: Which speaker cable is best?

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
Truer words have not been spoken...
Thanks. I forgot to mention that Blue Jean Cable is more expensive than monoprice, and not necessarily 'better" cable, but its reasonably priced. I live not far from them, so I deal directly, and discussed this matter with them, and they do NOT subscribe to the hype, and agree with my assessment. They are honest and give good service. When some opportunists saw they could make insane profits from cables merely by marketing hype appealing to the psyche of many audiophiles, realizing they could make sales pitches that would appeal to this market, they gleefully jumped in and are rolling in money at the expense of their trusting customers. The marketing hype has even pulled the wool over their eyes to the extent that many buy into it so heavily that they will put cable expenditures over those of speakers, for something that is acknowledged even by the hypesters as being very subtle at best (since its actually non-existant), even though they and the customers know very well that there are very great difference in speakers, and an improvement in speakers can be heard by all but the deaf.
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