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Default Re: Which speaker cable is best?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
Most seem to believe the cable with the coolest sounding name (most impressive seem to be those with cool Greek names) and best marketing promotion, and, after spending a lot of money based on snake oil claims, will insist that he/she can really hear the difference, even denouncing results of double blind testing.
Every double blind test has proven that no one can really hear the difference between decent, non-defective cables and the most expensive cables - which flies in the face of the pretty colors, the very cool names, and the really well done marketing hypem based on marketing, not scientific, research), which seeds to assure the insecure buyer that the more you pay, the bigger the improvement.

I like cables just fine, and they are will made. Most of my cables are from for two reasons: first, they are available in several colors, which helps me trace the cables, and secondly, they will provide me with custom lengths, for neatness, without having drooping cables all over the equipment. Monoprice does have some colored cables, too, but not custom lengths.

If you are not susceptible to marketing hype designed to appeal to effete, insecure, emotional aspects, you will save enough money to get better speakers, which improvement you will definitely have no problem hearing!!! And that is no bull and is well known to be true. Concentrate on speakers!
Truer words have not been spoken...
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