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Default Re: How much difference do you think cables makes in the audio quality of your system

My opinion is that cables make a HUGE difference , specifically Interconnect and then loudspeaker .......go for the best you can afford in relation to yr system price (10% of toal system cost is a good measure) and enjoy what yr system can offer you with the caveat of course that all other issues being correct - set up ,room, etc..

By the way ..............any comments on below which I am installing later today :

Installing bi-wire Synergistic Research Resolution Reference bi-wire cables to my Left and right speakers .
Cannot get stock of the same for centre in a single bi-wire pair , but got a good buy on another pair of above .
I am going to bi-cable ( going to connect positives of the two cables to my Levinson 434 mono amp positive and of course same applies for negatives and then run the 2 cables to my Revel Voice centre in bi-wire configuration )
Has any one tried this ???If so , pse let me have comments .
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