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Angry Marantz HDMI Problem

I have a Marantz SR 7002 and a Marantz DV4001 and huge HDMI problems. I will give a little history first. I purchased a Marantz SR7001 3 years ago and after protection circuit repairs failed it was replaced with the 7002 18 months ago.

This Christmas we bought a Bell PVR and a Western Digital HD Media player and I decided that I would hook everything up with HDMI and get rid of the rat nest.

I have a 3 year old Pioneer TV and a Runco CL420 and if I go directly from the source to the projector or TV everything works, but when I run everything through the receiver this is the result:

Bell - Receiver - TV or projector - works but takes at least 3 tries and 30 seconds to connect
Western Digital Media Player - Receiver - TV or projector - OK
DVD - Receiver - TV or projector - Nothing ( tries to connect and won't, it gives up after about 3 tries)

The receiver and DVD went back to Marantz and supposedly had a firmware update but it still doesn't work. I emailed Marantz Canada and was given a phone number to call, two weeks later after 3 calls and more emails I get no response. My warrantee has now expired.

If I hadn't spent nearly $2000 Canadian on this 3 years ago, as a retirement gift to me, I would throw the thing in the trash.
My dealer is trying to help, but...

Everything works on component, but I recently read that soon all new stuff will all be HDMI and I would like to get this working before I buy a Blueray player.

I forgot to mention I have a Pioneer DVD player and through the receiver it won't connect either.

Nobody will even take the thing on trade because of the problems.

Any ideas?

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