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Default Great Deal on amazing TV,Buy or not buy??

Some friends told me Lg is not a good brand,and ask me choose other brand, but i think this LG 42LH90 42" LED Backlit 240Hz 1080p LCD TV is very cheap, only $850, this is a big deal and within my budget.
I don't know buy it or not, can you give me some suggestions?
We live off the grid, so energy consumption was an issue. We are monitoring the energy consumption of the LED Backlit LG 90 and so far its been very reasonable, particularly compared to a regular LCD and a Plasma (which we've tried).

When looking at other LED Backlit LCD's we were turned off by price. Most units would have been about 40" and costing us around $1600. So this unit was a bargain.

There was a little hiccup when placing the TV on the stand, but aside from that the TV went together easily. Just be cautious about finger placement when guiding the TV onto the stand.

And the performance has been excellent. I am very pleased with this purchase. If you are looking for a blend of performance, price, and power consumption, this is ideal. Additionally, if you are confused about what to buy, and want to buy soon, this is a safe purchase.
The LG 42LH90 42" Full HD 1080p LCD TV has an LED backlit panel with the new 240Hz effective response rate time. While not an actual response rate, the panel is produced to reduce motion lag with sports programming or gaming.

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