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Default Re: Which speaker cable is best?

"Analysis Plus"? Just hype when it comes to the "sound" of a speaker wire. And the' real' technology that 'works' is called "plain-ol' 14g copper wire".

Any high-dollar speaker wire you have to "preview" is a scam... they rely upon heavy-handed sales pitches, and know that at least half the people will be too lazy to go through the hassle of switching their entire 5.1 or 7.1 wiring out *again* (and suffer the slings and arrows of arrogant sales staff, "Oh I guess you just have a tin ear!")
And the other half will convince themselves they can hear a difference (in spite of no direct A-B comparison available to them at home). It's the placebo effect and the "emperor's new clothes" effect all wrapped into one smug high-dollar sale.

I challenge ANYONE to be able to get a group of objective listeners together and positively, with scientific statistical significance, discern the difference between a "hollow core" wire (oops "Cable") and a nice 14g copper speaker wire in a direct A-B comparison test (same amp, same speakers, same source material, and quickly switch back-and-forth).

Ain't gonna happen, cause they know it isn't psycho-acoustically possible for the human ear to hear any difference between the two.

Now if you want to say that one HDMI cable or instrument cable is made STRONGER or more RELIABLY than others, with a lower incidence of poor soldering and better strain relief, or better shielding from on-stage or studio induction interference, that is a totally different story. That's why professionals spend money for high dollar professional instrument cables... reliability. The last thing a pro needs is a failure or awful scratches and pops with movement on the stage. That is worth the money, and that is where a cable like the Analysis Plus might be worth it to you... but speaker cables in a home theater aren't subjected to these kinds of failures or heavy interference, and that where simple 14g wiring will suit you fine, as long as you think about possible interference from power supplies and line-power wiring.


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