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Default How to Choose a Waterproof TV

1. Decide on a figure you are willing to spend on a Waterproof TVs come in a wide range of prices, depending on the brand name, size of the screen and features. Knowing how much you are willing to spend will narrow it down.
2. Decide on the media types that you would like to operate with this machine. Media types supported by modern TVs have become almost limitless. Brands come with DVD players, CD players, AM/FM receivers, and more.
3. Measure the available space on your bathroom wall that you wish to install the waterproof TV. You will want the waterproof TV to fit well in your rooms décor. Having a model that is too large can make the TV look out of place.
4. Make sure you get the features you want. Make checklists for yourself of the basics: size, supportable weight, and price range. Having a larger, waterproof screen is very important if you will want to view the TV in a steam room and from greater distances.
5. Compare the major brands. Waterproof tvs are produced by many electronics brands including Polaroid, Audiovox, Luxurite. Choose a brand whose quality you feel most comfortable with and also whose after-sale service’s more reliable and handy.
6. Check Consumer Reports and user review web sites to get more information about waterproof TV. Visit the Consumer Reports Web site or Consumer Search.
7. Demo the products you are interested in before you buy. Most electronic stores have set up demonstration areas. Take advantage of these demo areas and try before you buy.

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