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Default 2012 doesn't work with my Bluray player. Any suggestions?

A few weeks ago I purchased "2012" at Walmart, and attempted to run it on my HDX 18 HP laptop. The laptop has a Bluray drive in it, and uses HP MediaSmart DVD to play the disc. Everything was working normally, it went through the previews, played the audio and video just fine, and then the title screen popped up, with no selections available. The background was the movie clips playing on repeat, like any movie, but there was no "Play" "Scene Selection" etc on the screen.

I immediately thought it was the disc, and tried it in my room mate's Bluray player, and it worked fine, and was able to click "Play" and all the other options. I tried it in a few other Bluray players as well, again, working fine for them.

So, I called HP because I still have a very long time left on my protection plan. They had me uninstall and reinstall and then update the program, still didn't work, so they told me it was the disc, and it's clearly not the disc because it works on "normal" Bluray players. So I played their game and stayed on the phone with them as I drove a few blocks to Walmart to have the disc exchanged. Tried it again, still didn't work. They continued to insist that it was the disc, and finally after arguing about it for about an hour they said they would most likely have an update for the player by the end of the month and that they would call me back on the 29th. 29th comes and goes, and no call (of course), so I call back, because there's still no update, and they basically told me "oh well."

So I don't know what to do. Walmart won't refund the movie, I don't know where to go to get a refund for the movie, and I don't know how to just get it to work either.

I'm open to any and all advice if anyone has any to offer. =)
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