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Default OPPO BDP-83 Bluray player Reliability + still a steal?

Hi. Can anyone comment on OPPO reliability? Some online user reviews indicate that problems exist with quality control and customer support, but it is hard to know whether to believe these comments or not (many of the reviewers just don't know much).

Another question for the group: given that my new receiver handles HDMI, is the BDP-83 still the "universal" player of choice for those of us with relatively small budgets? I'd like access to SACD and upsampling of DVDs, plus blu-ray, and I suppose DVD-A (I don't have any DVD-As, but there is a cart/horse issue since I can't play them). This will be for an A/V setup, not my two-channel (budget 'phile) rig where I have a SONY ES stereo SACD player.

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