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Default Re: Reference Theater and Publisher's House

Originally Posted by TheMoose View Post
The rose petals in the bathtub was a bit much don't you think? LOL!

That is a sweet setup, but if I had that view on my deck it would be hard to go inside!

The rose pedals were my wife's doing but if you smelled as bad I do after a hard day working on the Internet - you too might need some rosy influence.

While TINY (at 800 SQ FT) my old condo had a view that was 20x better. Corner unit above the old Tower Records in West Hollywood. You could see from Silver Lake (east of Hollywood) unobstructed to the ocean and Catlina Island. The problem there other than the size of the place and having too much gear for a tiny condo - was the sound. Brothas with their Esclades at 1:30 AM pumping (2) 18 inch woofers could rattle the pillow on your bed. It was a MAJOR mistake of mine NOT to get the high end windows when I redid the condo. I simply didn't have the money at the time.
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