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Default Re: Insurance for home theater equipment???

Originally Posted by Kalen View Post
We hope that Practical Home Theater Guide will serve as a comprehensive reference source with easy-to-follow information covering all aspects of home theater. Our aim is to help you achieve through your own home theater system that same magical experience we enjoy at movie theaters. Each of these sections include the relevant home theater guides that discuss in detail the respective design criteria, setup constraints, equipment selection, and overall equipment integration. Related home theater system reviews are also included, while links to manufacturers' sites and major online suppliers are provided whenever possible.
Kalen - not sure why you bothered to post the above here - it has NOTHING to do with insurance for A/V home theater.

And Mitchell's post completely misses the point - I already have electrical surge protection in multiple layers, and I'm not worried about theft - it would indeed take a truck and 2 or 3 burly guys to rip me off.

However, I live in Florida - hurricanes, fire. flood and other hazards leave my equipment 100% exposed to loss. From an acquisition-cost standpoint, I'd be out close to $20K and on a replacement costs basis - a total loss would exceed $50K.
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