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Default Re: Blu-ray player sales are falling!

The Blu Ray player prices aren't the main cause of a more rapid increase in player purchases. The main cause is the much higher prices for the Bly Ray discs and also the incredible lack of Blu Ray high resolution music. high resolution audi/video concerts, and plain Blu Ray high resolution music.

If the prices of Bly Ray movies were $1-$2 more than standard dvd's then far more people would buy the players.

People forget how many years it took for standard dvd players to drop below $200. Plus most standard dvd players could play cd's too.

One can buy a high quality LG Blu Ray player for between $200-$300 that also allows the user to download extraordinary amounts of movies, concerts, etc. from sites such as VUDU, Netflix, and quite a few more. And one can buy the true universal OPPO Blu BDP-83 Ray player for $499 and it has the ability to play almost every possible disc that is available today. Not only that, but this OPPO Blu Ray player is an ultra high quality machine that does an outstanding job of upconverting and scaling standard dvd discs using the excellent Anchor Bay video chipsets. Plus the Blu Ray discs are played back with the highest quality video and audio that is available for anything under $2,000--and quite a few that are far more than $2,000. The only omission from the OPPO are the downloading abilities of a number of cheaper players for services such as VUDU, YouTube, Netflix, etc. I would think they will address this issue in the not too distant future.

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