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Angry Re: HD Disc Format War Heats Up For The Fall

I am so tired of the crap we are being fed. I think its about the big ego with these companies anymore. I have always been one of the first to jump into new technologies but this is one I am not gonna do. I have a high end HTPC and I run Theatertek with nvidia purevideo and other software goodies. The picture quaility I get is just awesome so right now I can't see jumping into a format and soaking big bucks into both hardware and software only to find my self sitting on the sidelines. I'm tired of throwing money away to satisfy these formats only to see them go away. The last one for me was DVD A & SACD. I got into DVDA first and love it, in fact I still buy disc's The sad part was I was forced to buy 2 formats just so I could get the hi res music I wanted, I will not do this again.

I would sign of with my normal screen name but this time I will sign off as...

The beat up, slammed against the wall wont do it again A/V buyer
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