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Default Re: 600 gr vinyl-hype?

Doesn't look like anyone is answering your question dude...

Anyway I have all weights of old and new vinyl and have heard differences in the same album that I bought years ago, and still in pristine shape, and a new 200gm copy of the same album and the heavy vinyl did sound better (to me) but it's SO not a black and white area. I also have some LP's that are thin as latex and sound thicker than any of the heavyweights I have!!! BUT, IMHO the point of heavier vinyl is that the "original" sound will last longer simply because there's more vinyl that it's pressed on. Every time you play a record it wears it down a fraction-do the math. That's why I'm getting ready to upgrade certain elements in my TOTAL system and burn all my vinyl on to an external Hard-Drive to preserve it. Then I can pull out the albums less often but still enjoy that wonderful vinyl experience (now in flac format) whenever I want without worrying about them wearing out. And when I want to get that vinyl mojo ritual happenin' for my friends who haven't ever seen a record, I don't have to worry so much.

I guess my bottom line on all this gram weight is that there are people re-releasing albums like Muddy Waters' "Folk Singer" on 180gram, which I have and I must say that when I set that needle down "Muddy is in the house!"
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