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Default mounting advice?

I've got a 42" LCD that I'm planning to mount on a brick fireplace.
Due to the room layout, I believe I need a full motion mount (right and left as well as tip forward/back ranges of motion). Since it's brick, I can't accommodate an in wall mount setting.

There's no mantle, so I can keep the TV a bit lower, though still not at an ideal eye level for sitting (without being a bit too close the actual fireplace for comfort).

Can I get a full motion mount that still has a fairly low profile? I don't want the TV hanging a 10" off the wall.

Any recommendations on setting the mount into the brick? I'm guessing I'll have to use a masonry drill bit to sink some sort of molly (anchor). The margin for error is pretty low, so it's better if the mount offers some flexibility/forgiveness in this.

Any input on mount models, techniques or options would be greatly appreciated.

Still trying to figure out what to do with my center channel (actually, all my speakers), but that would be a different thread.

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