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Default Re: Frequency Response--Can 20Hz Amps send sub-20Hz signals?

Originally Posted by The Ear View Post
I have several albums and soundtracks with bass drum, organ pedal, or digital effects that dip below 20hz. Do I need an amp that has a response below 20hz to optimize hearing/feeling those signals? My subwoofer (Carver Sunfire) seems to produce them.
Unless your organ recordings contain notes from one or more 32 foot pipes then 20 Hz is plenty for any A/V use. if you do have any recordings with 32 foot pipes then no, you will need something like a Bag End 18 inch with the electronic controls to give you flat down to 16Hz.
I don't have such a subwoofer yet (I do have dreams). I once took a theater organ recording I have of an organ with three 32 foot pipes to a huge Equipment store where they had a 24" Parasound GMAS woofer.
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