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Default Re: What is better, LCD or Plasma?

Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
LCD TV's cannot give any better resolution than a comparable plasma, that's physically impossible.
When I first set up my 42" plasma, I thought LCD had more resolution -- until I realized that I was going from a 32" LCD to a 42" plasma (both 1080p, of course), and that LCD made everything look like video, whereas plasma had a more film-like picture. Needless to say, these days I much prefer the plasma picture -- it simply looks more natural and less souped-up.

BTW, plasmas do not necessarily consume more power than LCDs -- since power consumption is related to screen brightness in plasma sets, turning down the contrast and brightness settings (or using a THX setting if your set is so equipped) will go far to tame that beast.

Finally, it must be said that for any television set to look its best, it must be viewed in a dark to darkish room with the picture controls (contrast, brightness, sharpness) turned down from their factory settings. If you can't or won't watch TV in this kind of setting, LCD is the better choice -- but accept you're still not getting the best possible picture from your set.
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