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Originally Posted by rbinck View Post
If you are running a separate subwoofer I would think you would not want to bi-amp those speakers. It may hurt more than it helps due to the possibility of bass cancellation with multiple sources. Your diagram seems fine as far as working.
I see what your sayin here,here is the options i have or should I say the amps i have to work with:2 sa-2 amps,I also I have a extra sa-3 amp in the box that I would have to have repaired and a sw2pi.
1.use the 2 SA-2's bi-amp the 2.5 and be done with it(if its worth it)
2.Use a single sa-3 and by amp the 2.5;s and be done with it.
3.leave the speakers alone and sell the 2 sa-2,the sa-3 and the sw2pi and be done with it.
Really need some advice here
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