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Unhappy How to tell what HDMI cable type I have

I purchased an couple of HDMI cables a year or two back with markings on the cable specifying the cable as version 1.3.

These cables were quite thick, about as thick as my index finger, and as a result they weren't too easy to maneuver when connecting them up.

I purchased 2 more cables from the same supplier, who advised the HDMI cables they now stocked were v1.3b . The cables that were delivered to me were much smaller in diameter, slightly thicker than a ball point pen and much easier to work with. The problem I have is that when connecting Sony TV to JVC Blu Ray player, - or in another room Pioneer DVD player to Samsung TV the result is that the HDMI light flashes (looks like it is negotiating something) but nothing comes up on the screen. On the samsung it comes up "mode not supported".

Plugging in the old thicker cables works and everything looks good again.

Now if I use any of the cables to go from my PC (HDMI out on the video card) to the Samsung for example, this works.

A friend advised me that this might not be a 1.3 cable and that it may have something to do with the cables not working with HDCP or a 1.3 technology?

With no marking on the smaller cable that specifically references 1.3/1.3b how can I verify the version of the cables is/isn't version 1.3/1.3b. Can I tell what version I am using, so I can go back to the supplier and complain with some evidence on my side?
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