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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet
However, high-end audio companies (what we're really talking about here) have nothing against double-blind tests whatsoever. In fact, most audio companies, high-end or otherwise, use double-blind tests in-house extensively during design of their products.
Which companies do this?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet
A high-end audio manufacturer suggesting that test measurements are not the full story to express the whole of human hearing isn't "whining" or even minimizing the importance of measurable tests. It's simply putting measureable results into perspective and acknowledging that such measurements have limits. Once you've double-blind auditioned two components that "measure the same" and heard distinct differences between them, it's not so hard to undrestand.
Which measurements have limits?

Originally Posted by DaViD Boulet
BTW, the irony of what won me over to replace my speaker wire with higher-end stuff was a double-blind test! I had heard the difference, which sounded pretty dramatic to my ear (tighter bass and much cleaner, airier highs) with a higher-end Monstor cable, but I didn't have the luxury of doing an A/B double blind test on myself. So I didn't tell my roommate that I had changed anything in the system.
Then you better phone up james randi and collect your $1,000,000 prize.
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