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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
That question seems a bit silly. Tests have proven that even those who believer marketing hype can't reliable choose very expensive cables over well made, but economical cables in a double blind test, which is embarrassing to both them and the profiteers, so they attack that testing. I think its obvious that the effect speaker stands have is due to positioning of the speakers. Raising speakers off the floor, tilting them, directing them, all affect what the listener hears. Mp3 is a compression method that is lossy and a compromise of quality vs. less storage space, which is hardly what an audiophile would want. "Tweak" is too general a term, meaning making small adjustments in an effort to improve the sound for the listener. Sounds like you need an English dictionary.
I appreciate your work. My question was silly but i get a lot. Locating the pair of speakers is most important, they provide most of the effect and also when listening to stereo music when only both of them are working, Their situation in the room significantly affects the size and depth of the sound stage, The location of the instruments and balance of frequencies. In fact, location and acoustics of the room are a type of calibration for the speakers.
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