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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

I once was like you Dave, a DBT believer until I was fool by such a test. ( I think I already talk about this here before).

DBT are contrary to what you think scientifically flaw when they are used for HIFI evaluation.


In a scientific experiment, only one parameter is supposed to be change.

This is where DBT are inherently flawed, not only does more elements changed they are all changed: different amp, different preamp ( hopefully, it won't be a crappy receiver), different loudspeakers, usually unknown music ( please, no test tone) and worst off all, different room.

With such a setting it's no surprise that DBT give always the same result, no difference.

I prefer the way David did a bind test. He had changed only one element and didn't tell is friend about it. His friend notice an improvement ( was it?). this is much closer to scientific experiment than the usual DBT that the believers want us to believe.

There is one HIFI mag that do something similar, UHfmag.

They use a listening panel, and a reference system. A high resolution system that stay the same for a long period of time ( a real reference). When they do there blind test, only one person know what it is ( name, price, etc). Each panelist take notes. Each panelist can ask to listen again to one component. Listening is done over many hours. They use the same procedure for amp, preamp, source and...cables. Most of the times their notes agree but not always. Sometimes manufacturers get ****ed at them because they say it as it is. Some less expensive component performing better than more expensive ones.

I remember such a test about cables, where there was a consensus: don't buy the more expensive cable, the chep one is so much better ( it was the same company).

p.s. Dave, are you related to the troll. it seams that you appeared at about the same time when people were telling about his different nicknames that he uses. What's more, sometimes your posting happenned right after his, confirming his saying.
No offence , just wondering.
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