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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by DaveLadely View Post
No one mentioned how high end the company is. But the cable companies that charge very high, some extremely high, prices for cables clearly found a way to extract huge prices from gullible customers, and double blind tests pretty much prove that.
Also, I got the impression that the companies that criticize testing with test equipment have more than perspective in mind, their products more than likely don't test as well in comparison to competitors. Of course, tests certainly are not the whole picture, but those products having low distortion, especially certain types of distortion, such as odd harmonic distortion, are probably going to sound better to the ear. I do not reject a product by the results of test equipment alone, unless the distortion is unduly high, its just a consideration. I do reject equipment that imposes a "tone" of its own on all music, so I don't look for "warm" sound, I look for products that are most successful in replicating the music itself.

BTW, the irony of what won me over to replace my speaker wire with higher-end stuff was a double-blind test! I had heard the difference, which sounded pretty dramatic to my ear (tighter bass and much cleaner, airier highs) with a higher-end Monstor cable, but I didn't have the luxury of doing an A/B double blind test on myself. So I didn't tell my roommate that I had changed anything in the system.

Later that night when we listened to some music... almost immediately, he said "wow! did you get new speakers?!?" I said no. we kept listening to a few well-known recordings and each time he kept going on and on about how it sounded better than it ever had before... better bass, more detailed open midrange and highs (all the stuff I had noticed too). Finally after about 10 minutes of him trying to figure out what had changed I admitted that something had... and that it was new speaker wire.

IMO that's the most powerful "double blind" result... when the listener was not even made aware that anything had changed and they *still* noticed and commented on the improvement.

Before everyone materializes out of the woodwork to pounce on me for claiming that high-end $$ cables "sound better" allow me to clarify that like any other component in the electrical path, cables can affect the final sound quality. However, that does not automatically mean that all cables sound different from each other or that a more expensive cable sounds "better" than a less expensive cables. In *all* cases, as with any other component, I'd recommend attempting as close to a double-blind set up as you can to determine how changing something in your own system may or may not affect sound quality.

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