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Exclamation Re: Mitsubishi starts selling LaserVue sets.

Does anyone have a worse reputation than Mitsubishi? There was a class action suit
against them by owners of their DLP/rear projector for short life of components.
When they were made in Lake Forest, CA (at the edge of the El Toro Marine Air Station)
they had a quality product. Parts came from Japan and Americans did the assembly.
With the passing of the Reagan conceived NAFTA, Mitsubishi moved production to Mexico
and sourced their parts from Mexican firms and the quality went down to zero.
Sony made their televisions in Rancho Bernardo (San Diego) then with NAFTA
they too moved production to Mexico and the problems began.

Anyone who buys a set from Mitsubishi MUST buy an extended warranty by BestBuy or whomever
they buy it from as THEY WILL NEED IT.

(yes I work in the CES industry)
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