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Default Re: Do you own (and use) any Vintage speakers

I do, I do! BUT, I've been thinking of revamping most of my system starting with the speakers. I've got a pair of Klipsch KG4's - beauty!, and JBL Aquarius 1's that I've completely refinished, the woofers have been re-everythinged to original specs and I replaced one tweeter, and still have another tweet for when the other goes. I bought a pair on eBay for mucho $$ I even built some new grills from the ground up but that, as it turns out that is the weakest point...I am NOT a carpenter. I also own some Pioneer CS77-A's, a pair of Coral BX-1401's and some pretty cool EPI's. But have my heart set on the Martin Logan Vista's. That size is all the room can handle and to me (the most important thing in buying speakers) they sound better than anything I've ever heard in any price range, except the larger Martin Logans...ahhh room constraints. my PC audio set-up is Dell laptop with an s-video adapter w/coaxial conversion set to s/pdf out and in to a Beresford TC 7520 DAC and from that I've got the RCA jacks running to my Yamaha C4 preamp. FLAC files sound the best (creative media or foobar) but nothing sounds that bad except those silly AAC in iTunes which I've started to convert to AIFF is it? Takes up 3x the space but the diff is signiff. Pretty soon I'll be switching to a power mac pro and get out of DellHell and start ripping my vinyl in through this beauteous Bellari VP 530 phono tube preamp. Can't wait! Anyone out there using a Mac to Dac set-up? I'm interested in configurations and stock versus upgraded sound cards in the Mac...anyone?
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