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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Steve Bruzonsky View Post
Probably? I asked for some kind of proof.

Really? Do you have anything to back up these "statements"?

I guess it must be true since you said it, so much for wanting the best, you do not have HDMI or room correction.
Dude, asking people's opinions on a topic that is inherently subjective (i.e. what sounds good to someone) and then demanding quantifiable proof is specious at best. You are not going to change anyone else's minds concerning what is good for them, so why are you even bothering? I suggest that you find your own answers to your questions rather then being nothing more then argumentative here. Furthermore, your evident spoofing someone else's identity who apparently has some fame in the audio industry for reasons yet disclosed is rather curious.
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