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Exclamation Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by maadi View Post
I agreed with your statement Specially you talk about sound distraction. High Noise causes extra discharge of energy and effect memory.
I have never heard that high noise causes an "extra discharge of energy and effect [sic] memory". Noise is a form of energy, but it does not cause an extra discharge of energy. In this case, resistor noise was the subject. Resistor noise is caused by the movement of electrons, and using highere wattage capacity resistors is one of the best ways to achieve lower resistor noise, which serves to increase the "hissing" sound. Hiss also results from electrons strking the plates of tubes. Electromagnetic energy may afect memory, but noise is not electromagnet energy. And there is no way that resistor noise has any effect on memory. Such claims in this forum begin to sound like the hokum claims of the power of crystals and such "magical" thinking so prevalent during what was known as the Dark Ages - for good reason. This is also getting too far afield from processors and receivers. And I do think its about time that manufacturers provide sufficient quality procesing of signals that the consumer does not feel obligated to buy processors to get quality results, especially with those very expensive receivers and also preamps.
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