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Exclamation Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

Originally Posted by Daniel-a View Post
You know what?

I also have a DVDO EDGE HD video scaler/processor.
It's still in the box. I don't need it.
In fact, it's for sale (On CanuckAudioMart hint, hint), since I only need and use one hdmi from my Oppo ( surprised?) to my flat screen tv.
A very good DVD player indeed. And already obsolete, at least for a lot of people who might be interested in 3D, eventually anyway, and the other features and improvements that HDMI 1.4 offers.

Which I why I haven't purchased any new equipment that uses HDMI, I will wait for HDMI 1.4 to show up on equipment, probably within the year.
And HDMI 1.4 requires different cables than 1.3, that should make the poor conned audiophiles who bought very expensive cables real happy! Maybe they will reconsider the results of true double blind tests, get sanely prices cables, and spend the considerable money saved for upgrading or choosing better quality speakers, which won't require bias to hear the improvement!
Dave Ladely
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