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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

Originally Posted by Nastarana View Post
graniterocks, Thank you for the referral to the website. I will check it out. I once had a fine collection of vinyl, now long gone (don't ask, but I now have my father's meticulously maintained opera recordings. and classical LPs are turning up in 2nd hand outlets for cheap. One must always check carefully of course for warps and scratches, but classical music lovers did usually take good care of their albums. OTOH, I did see a badly warped LP recording of Don Carlo with a dream cast (Price, Domingo, et al) offered at an antique store. When I pointed out the warpage to the proprietor, he just shrugged it off.
That must drive you crazy seeing these turn up at local stores. Just curious do you have a record cleaner?

Also, check your mailbox, I sent you a private message.

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