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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

granite rocks. thank you for the recommendations. You are talking to a grandmother here, so not interested in upgrading each year. Neadless to say, the audio set will be in my own room. away from toddler OJ spills. Now if a grandbaby shows interest or talent in music, then I can begin to initiate her into equipment IS NOT A TOY, and doesn't this sound great?

What is your opinion of buying Linn 2nd hand on Ebay or similar sites? The famous turntables are being offered for around $US1000, and someone in London was offering a CD player, the last one before they quit making them, I think, for $2000. I would not begin to know how to adjust and balance. Is there some knid of old fashioned book like product which might explain for us fogeys who still use print media?
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