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Default Re: best system for senior classical music listener

SONOS vs Cowon s9

For $350 you can get a Sonos ZP-90 it steams wav - MP3, flac, APE, applelosses, etc etc. If you happen to have an iTouch or iPHone you don't need the $350 touch screen remote.

Basically the SONOS is a user interface with the hard drives on your computer and the music sources on the internet.


Good point to bring up reliability.

Dave Belles has been around for many years and appears to be in good health, so I think you would be ok there. He has an excellent reputation.

LSA Group- They are kind of an upstart, but the people behind the company have been around a long time. The speakers are designed by John Tucker he has his hands in several innovative designs of speakers, amplifiers, preamps and DACs--Some risk because the company is new, but they are selling a lot of speakers right now and the people behind them are good and young enough to be around awhile.

Arcam- they have been around a long time and have had a long track record of producing very good CD players.-- Safe bet

If LSA seems to much of a risk, I also thought about the Paradigm Studio 100s for you, they are $3000 a pair. The LSA is a more refined speaker than the Paradigm and actually costs less. The advantage with Paradigm is that they have been one of the top rated speakers for 19 years in a row. Great track record and still a great speaker. The LSAs are better in terms of detail, speed and imaging, the Paradigms are a little more efficient so they would be easier to drive. If you purchased a lesser preamp then the Belles, then the Paradigms would definately be in play. For better preamps, the LSAs would better resolve the imaging capablities of the 22A and would be worth the small risk when paired with a quality preamp. If given a choice to spend more money on a preamp, amp or digital source I would probably go preamp first, then source, then amp.

There are many other speakers out there, but at the price points we are talking it is hard to beat the Paradigm or LSAs.


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