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Default Re: High end processors VS low end processors/receivers, hardware differences?

I know how difficult it is to directly compare hardware. Very few stores have much of a set up for comparisons any more.
In the old days, I was able to compare cartridges fairly well, and even some speakers, and a few receivers, in a good audio/video specialty store where I worked. We didn't even try double blind tests. Its true that tastes vary. And ears do vary, too. But rather than looking for "warmth", for example, to color all music, I look for neutrality, in a vain effort to allow the system to let the music through with minimal coloration. I do take exception at the cable purveyors seeking extreme profits by preying on subjectivity though hype and the power of suggestion, and this is why I made the dare to try real double blind tests. Then, with the results, use the considerable money saved to put it where it gets by far the most results - going up a grade or so in speakers.
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