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Default Re: Wharfedale - W60 and Slimline 2

Those really are oldies. I recall them, though I never really was entranced by them. I liked acoustic suspension speakers when they first arrived, since I thought the bass was too "tubby" on speakers before that. And I never heard really good tweeters either, and seldom do even nowadays. I have pretty much decided that ribbon tweeters have the most extension, where triangles and cymbals have "air". And there are some really good raw speakers out there, but to find them put together in a system that is really good is the exception. And most of those cost serious money, like the Genesis speakers.
I do like my Infinity Kappa 9s, and it seems others do too, since the prices of used Kappa 9s and Kappa 8s have gone up recently, when they were a very good bargain before, they are merely a good deal now.
Dave Ladely
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