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Default Wharfedale - W60 and Slimline 2

My first speakers with a brand name were Wharfedale W60 with the sand-filled back panel.

I had to get rid of them in 1973 as both woofers were blown and couldn't find replacement (caused by too much volume and a bad amp).

All I remember was it was those speakers sounded greate best speakers I had heard at the time.

Since 2005 I was on the lookout for a pair of W60 in very good shape that I could find locally... but I was out of luck.

Last Tuesday, I found a pair of Wharfedale Slimline 2 in pretty good shape and I was very happy of my finding.

Murphy's law coming into play, today I found a pair of W60 in good I will get two pairs of Wharfedale !!!

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